JIMS Student


“Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most important of all experiences to enjoy”.

Life is indeed a journey and  the need of the hour is to continue  upgrading yourself. 

I am Tushar Trivedi. I have a Bachelors' in Technology where my specialization was in Computer Science Engineering.  After my graduation I worked as a Developer with an Ed Tech firm for some time. However, I was clear that in order to progress, it was important for me  to update my knowledge and skills and I was looking for a professional course where I could update my skills and knowledge. After thinking about my future plans , I decided to enroll in PGDM and then searched for the options. 

Fortunately, my friend suggested JIMS Sector 5 Rohini , where two of his relatives studied and were successful . I gave it a hit and enrolled for the same and trust me it came out to be a massive game changer for my life. In the short span of two years, I had the best memories of my life and a proud feeling which will stay with me forever. JIMS not only provided me with learning and enhanced skills but also a job opportunity I had dreamt of. 

Let me give you a brief idea of my journey at JIMS Rohini. The Institute gave our batch a warm welcome in its orientation program and helped us better understand what the program would be like. Our syllabus and curriculum were well structured keeping the current scenario of business changes in mind. The faculty was very supportive and motivating and helped us develop our ideas, enabled us to  work in  teams with team members of different and distinct mindsets, and constantly evaluated us on different criteria like presentations, group assignments, etc. There are also clubs in which you can enroll yourself and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Going through these group activities I made some friends who are friends for a lifetime. During these years at JIMS Rohini, we also enrolled in an Industrial Research Project (IRP) where we were associated with an NGO. Working with the NGO  gave us an insight into the other side of society. It also tested our management skills and strengthened our intention to bring a positive change that benefits society . During the third trimester when companies started coming to our campus for internships I got the opportunity to complete my summer Internship at Atlanta Systems Pvt. Ltd. I had opted for marketing as my major and operations as my minor (I did a self-SWOT analysis to choose these as an option for my major and minor) and since the company was dealing in IoT devices I was able to get diverse learnings about supply chain and marketing.

After completing the internship, we entered the next stage of our course i.e. stepping into the second year. I must appreciate the administrative and management staff who made our life easier by designing our schedule in such a way that helped in optimal utilization of our time. Apart from the regular faculty, the visiting faculty was outstanding. The faculty was so good at teaching and their support that their names and my memories with them are at my fingertips. We were constantly trained for the placement and hats off to the placement cell.  They are too good at their work because the companies started to come from the fourth trimester itself. I will always remember the statement “The more you sweat in the practice ground the less you bleed in the battleground”.  This made sense when by the end of the fifth trimester most of the students were placed, including me. I got an international opportunity and got placed with Indicaa Group which is registered in the UK and headquartered in Dubai with operations in more than 40 countries. My CTC is 22 lakhs per annum when converted to INR.

 I would like to mention that  JIMS Rohini focused on a 360 approach to personality devolvement. It not only enhanced my skills but it also allowed me to correlate my interest with my studies. I have a keen interest in automobiles. You can say they are 24*7 in my mind and the college helped me to develop on that  by applying the concepts from my studies. I also did a research paper based on the same. I also remember the industrial visits and fun trips that were organized by our Institute,  especially  the freshers and other events organized by the college which were  great fun and memorable.

Summing up my experience and exposure I would like to pay my gratitude to my Dean and Director who made the environment a happy place and my second home. In the short span of two years, I had the best memories of my life and a proud feeling which will stay forever. JIMS not only provided me with learning and enhanced skills but also a job I dreamt of, The  teachers were like family and were an integral part of my success. Most importantly , JIMS gave me friends with whom I will have a bond till eternity which I gained through working in groups that were there in all my ups and downs. The best part is  they are your network and the reference in different companies which will help in career growth. Albert Einstein once said “Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” and it applies to my case as well. So, I have my sincere thanks to JIMS for providing me with such exposure and opportunity.