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JIMS Rohini Academic Club(IP) is organizing Logo Design Contest

The Academic Club  organised a Logo Design Contest on 04thSeptember 2021. The contest was open for MCA,BCA & BBA 2nd and 3rd year students. We received thetotal 30 entries for the contest and 22 students participated actively on theday of contest. The theme of the contest is to design a logo and propose asuitable name for the five clubs out of total seven clubs of JIMS throughdigital mode. The five clubs of the JIMS participated in the contest were  Academic Club, Cultural Club, Sports Club,Gender Champion Club and Patriotic Club. Every club received the average of 3entries from the contest. The event started at 12.15 pm with the opening speechof our student coordinator Sonali Aswal of MCA 2nd year. She briefedthe rules and regulations of the contest to all the participants. Total timegiven for logo design was 1 hour.  Theparticipants started the logo design at 12.20 pm and submitted the soft copy oftheir logo to the academic club email id by 1.25 pm. The contest closed at 1.30pm. All the logos were sent to the selection committee for the final decision.The selection committee comprises of two faculty in charges of five clubs. Onthe basis of their recommendations the following students were awarded with certificatesand prizes:

1st Position : Divya Kaushik, MCA 2ndYear, Shift 1

2nd Position: Vineet Ajmani, BCA 2ndYear, 2nd Shift.

3rd Position : Amandeep Singh, MCA2nd Year, Shift 1


Objective of the contest: The competitionaims to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their design skills.



The students were enlightenedwith how to design logos for the contest in digital mode.


JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini