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JIMS Rohini organised the Inter College Quiz Competition - Econox 2K21

The Economic Club 360 organized the Inter College Quiz Competition-Econox 2k21 on September 17, 2021. The event was organised with the objective of equipping the students with business and economics argument. Students of various educational institutions took part as a team of two members. All the students showed great interest in the event. Students were asked questions related to Economics and answer using their theoretical knowledge,practical exposure and creative thinking.

At the beginning of the event, Abhishek- Student Coordinator welcomed the participating teams. Here after, Ms. Mansi Madan- Faculty Coordinator addressed the participants and wished them all the luck. Moksh- Student Coordinator was the Quiz Master for the day.


The Quiz began with the Preliminary round having sixteen teams on board. Teams were supposed to play the round through an online based website- Quiz.

 The results of the preliminary round marked the elimination of six teams. Ten teams qualified for Round-1. 


JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

In the Round-1 (Crosswords), teams were supposed to solve two crosswords in the minimum time. Ten teams participate in the Round-1.

As a result, Out of ten teams only eight teams qualified for the Round-2


In the Round-2 (Personality Round), contestants were shown pictures of Famous Personalities related to Business and Economics which they had to identify. Hints were also available on the sacrifice of half points per question. Eight teams participated in Round-2. As a result, Seven teams proceeded to play Round-3,eliminating one team.


In the Round-3 (Guess the Event), contestants were provided with the description of the world's famous economic events which they were expected to crack. Hints were also available on the sacrifice of a few points. Seven teams who participated in Round-3. As a result of Round-3, Top five teams qualified for Round-4 and two teams were eliminated. 


In the Round-4 (Rapid Fire Round), Contestants were provided with a time duration of one minute to answer as many questions they are able to answer in the given time.Four teams played Round-4.



As a result of this Round, Team- Manas Watsand Ayushi emerged as the Winners of Econox' 21. Team- Vaishnavi Gautam and Vansh Bhatia secured the position of 1st Runner Up.Team- Gagan Chauhan and Abhishek Thakur came out to be the 2nd Runner Up.


The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Mansi Madan- Faculty Coordinator.

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi