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JIMS Rohini Patriotic club Organized “FLASHBACK” to celebrate “CHILDREN’S DAY”

The Patriotic Club of JIMS, organized the “FLASHBACK” event on the college campus on 12th and 13th November 2021 to celebrate “CHILDREN’S DAY”. The motive behind conducting this event was to give students a chance to relive their childhood and to let them have some fun. The whole event was scheduled for two different days.  

1.To showcase the talent and also perform on stage 

2.To live their childhood again and also motivate other students to help and live each and every moment 

On 12th NOVEMBER there was MASTER THE MOMENT (Photography) and CREATIFY (card making) competition. The students took part in both the competitions with great enthusiasm. In Creatify, the participants had to make greeting card on the topic Children Day. All the participants had a lot of fun in card making and were very creative with their cards. They had enjoyed it so much that they had click the pictures of their greeting and share their experience. The participants for the photography event also did a great job and took some rememberable pictures. The participants presented what they had clicked and shared their childhood memories with us and also shared their sentiments behind those images. At last, both the events ended on a good note.

POETIC DASH (Poetry competition) and DANCE & NUKKAD NATAK event were scheduled for 13th November 2021. The whole day was filled with positive vibes as the event started. The event was started with a wonderful performance by the Drama Society of JIMS. It was the best out of all the events which was based on the true story of poor children whose childhood is spoiled by forcing them to earn by begging. It was performed at the center of the college campus. The Nukkad Natak was a huge success and the students performing were able to pull a great amount of crowd with their confidence and great acting. After the Nukkad Natak, there was a dance performance by Kabir Kakaria (BCA 3rd Year) who received huge applause from the crowd for his great moves. 

After Dance and Nukkad Natak, there was POETIC DASH which was a poem competition on the topic Children ‘s – The future of India, in which Utkarsh Verma (BBA 2ND YEAR) delivered a poem on the theme CHILDREN, FUTURE OF INDIA. The poem was great and created a very comforting environment.

At last, winners of all the four events were rewarded with gift vouchers and gift hampers by our Patriotic Club Coordinator Ms. Bhawna Galhotra.

For the master the moment event Ashutosh Pandey was rewarded with the first prize and for the second event which was the card making event we have finalized two teams: 1st was Shurbhi and Isha Verma  and the 2nd team was: Hanshika, Anjali sharma and Dhruv bhatia.

For Nukkad Natak and Dance, whole Nukkad Natak Team and for dance performance Kabir Kakaria(BCA 3rd Year 1st Shift), and for poetry competitions Utkarsh Verma (BBA 2nd Year1st Shift) were appreciated for their performance and were rewarded with gift hampers.Overall, the whole event was a huge success. 

Learning Outcomes: 

1.The motive of the event was fulfilled and the event not only was exhilarating for the participants but also lifted the vibrancy of the campus with laughter, joy, and positivity.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini