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JIMS Rohini Organized Whistle Blower

Objective of the contest: To encourage the students to address the less talked topics of Indian Society and share their thoughts on the same.

Learning Outcomes:  The event will enable student to think out of the box and off the feet. It will be  a great platform to develop communication skills and time management.

The Academic Club  organized the Whistle Blower  event on 21st  January 2022. 

The event started with a brief introduction about Academic Club of JIMS, Rohini. The faculty incharges of the Club , Dr.Latika Kharb  and Dr. Deepak Chahal talked about this event called ' Whistle Blower - the less talked about topics of our Indian Society' and they also mentioned about the importance of this event. After that all the rules regarding the same were explained to the participants. There were total two rounds in this competition 1. Extempore round and 2. Group discussion round. In the Extempore round , the participants were given one topic or issue and they were supposed to think about it and have to share their thoughts and opinions on the same. There were many social issues which were addressed by the  students in a very subtle way yet with a lot of confidence and conviction. They talked about Cyber Addiction , Legal age of marriage , body shaming , bullying , human trafficking , LGBTQ rights , etc. 

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini
Participants presented their views on 12 different topics in round 1. Participants were chosen for the next round ( Group discussion ). In this round , the participants were given with a topic wherein they supposed to have a group discussion on the same. It was very good to see that these young students were able to put such strong points across on the topic called  'Women Empowerment - an effort made to empower women or used as a weapon against men ' ? These young minds discussed this topic in a very mature and dignified manner. They highlighted all such points which were necessary to be spoken about. After that , they jury announced the results : 

Ist position : Karan Garg, BCA 1st Sem,1st Shift. 
2nd position : Karman Arora , BCA 1st Sem, 2nd Shift. 
3rd position : Srishti Khatri, BBA 1st Sem, 1st Shift 

Dr. Latika Kharb and Dr.Deepak Chahal congratulated all the winners and participants. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks.s

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi