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Academic Club of JIMS organized an event “BRAIN TEASER”

Academic Club of JIMS  organized an event “BRAIN TEASER” on 28-9-16 from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM .The event kick started with a good 55 entries and the details of the event are  as follows:

Academic Club of JIMS  organized an event BRAIN TEASER
BBA Programe JIMS

Rounds :-  There were three rounds  in the  event 

1)Round 1: In this round MCQ (verbal/non verbal)were given to the participants and they were given 10 mins to complete it.selection was done based on maximum correct answers.The students selected were  qualified for the next round.

2)Round 2:The students qualified in Ist round were given Crossword puzzles to solve. They are given 15 mins to finish the puzzle. Selection were done on the basis of maximum correct answers. The students selected were qualified for the final round.

3)Round 3:This was the final round in which Extempore was conducted where the students were given on the spot topics and they were asked to speak on the topic for 5 mins  Selection as based on their  communication skills, knowledge on topic & self confidence.

The winners of the vent were:

1)Tanmay – BBA 

2)Amulya –BBA


The winners were given  cash prizes.

BCA Programe JIMS
MCA Programe JIMS Rohini