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MDP on Exploring Consumers mind : The marketing dimension

“Management Development Programme on Exploring Consumers mind : The marketing dimension “ held from 29th October,2019 to 2nd November, 2019 was an interactive and a learning session. The programme was delivered by Dr. Bhavneet Kaur and Dr. Amisha Gupta .

The first session was the “Psychology and Marketing : The Siamese Twins” .It was addressed by Dr. Bhavneet Kaur , the Resource Professor at JIMS , Rohini .It began by understanding the importance of Psychology in marketing . It was an interactive session where we were shown some advertisements and we need to guess and explore the idea of marketer behind the shown advertisement. It was followed by the discussion that included that still after understanding the consumer psychology some advertisements fail miserably. Hence marketers need to understand and have a deep insight into consumer psychology to avoid any possible loopholes to ensure that campaign comes out to be success.

MDP on Exploring Consumers mind : The marketing dimension
MDP on Exploring Consumers mind : The marketing dimension

 It was again followed by an activity where participants were divided into two teams where team leaders were given a task to guide their members to draw what the leader is instructing . The idea was to understand that there are barriers when it comes to marketers communicating to consumers.

The second session was based on “Leveraging the consumer psychology”. It involved discussion about the marketers that are playing and taking advantage of consumer psychology. It started with a role play where one individual acted as consumer and other as marketer. The crux was that consumer don’t like to think too much and wanted shortcuts and marketers takes the benefit from this.

Next activity was on the concept of “recency”. It was discussed that how recency impacts marketing. Marketers call this term recency as suggestion. It says that only recent things get structured at our brain and marketers take advantage of it. Customers are always open for suggestions and marketers use it to market their product. This session was the justification session as to why consumers psychology is important for marketers.

The third and the last session was on “Developing Attitude for consumer service and its implementation”. This session explained the importance of consumer service. It started with an activity where name of a company was given to each individual and he was asked that as a marketer or a salesperson of that particular brand what is it giving to society or what big cause are they contributing in society.

Understanding “good fight “ : i.e. first convincing oneself (marketer) and then to convince consumer. The idea was that until and unless the marketer is not convinced about the product it cannot convince to its customers.

MDP on Exploring Consumers mind : The marketing dimension
MDP on Exploring Consumers mind : The marketing dimension

The session ended with the conclusion that the salesperson need to learn how to handle objections and also to avoid certain words while communicating with consumer and replace them with more suitable and mild words like using “resolve “ instead of “eliminate” and “excuse me “ instead of “sorry”.

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