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Jims Faculty Get 2nd Best Paper Award At National E- Conference

Jims Faculty Get 2nd BestPaper Award At National E- Conference On Sdg-4 Organised By Phd Chamber OfCommerce And Industry

DrAvijit Chakravarti, Associate Professor JIMS, & Ms. Jyotsna, AssistantProfessor JIMS, presented  a paperentitled “The Pandemic and its Impact on Children” at the National e-Conferenceon SDG-4 organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 24thJuly 2020. The paper highlighted the fact that the current pandemic has had itsmaximum impact on children belonging to low income communities. Having collecteddata from few NGOs working in different parts of Delhi-NCR, Dr Chakravarti& Ms. Jyotsna concluded in the presentation that the maximum impact isbeing felt on the mental health of children. Through their study theyhighlighted that in the situation of lockdown the children are being subjectedto more number of cases related to domestic violence and sexual abuse. Alsobecause of the going trends of unemployment witnessed in the communities manyof the children from such communities are being forced to work, especially aswaste workers, thereby resulting in a significant rise in numbers of childlabour. Due to the current pandemic most children in communities have got disassociatedfrom education. With most classes happening online these children have a rearchance to join mainstream education because they lack adequate digital resources.The authors have pointed out that if the current crises continues for some moretime a vast population of children in Delhi-NCR will get permanentlydisassociated from schools. This disassociation from education is going tofurther affect the mental health and emotional well-being of these children. Thepaper was declared as the second best paper in the conference.