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Are farm Bills Anti or Pro Farmer

Academic Club (IP) of JIMS has conducted the debate competition on 30th January2021. The topic of the debate competition was “Are farm Bills Anti or ProFarmer?”. The competition was worth-enjoying for the audience. .Every debaterwas cheered and clapped up for their pleasing presentation and sharp arguments.The debate arguments are summarized as following:

·        For the Motion: One nation – one market can end the monopoly of ‘Agricultural ProduceMarket Committees‘(APMCs). APMCs criminalises setting up of other competingmarkets. Some states made it mandatory for farmers to trade with onlyAPMC-licensed traders. With Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce bill, farmerscan sell the produce as per their choice. So the problem of middlemen, which isone of the main loopholes of APMCs will be eliminated.


·        Against the Motion: The process of passingthe bills is not democratic. Agriculture and trade are state subjects, but thestates are not consulted before passing the bills. The main people for whom thebills are made – farmers were also not given the opportunity to voice theirconcerns. Even in the parliament, clear voting was not conducted. They passedthe bills on a mere voice voting.


The winners are as follows:-

First Position: Sparsh Gupta, BBA ,1st Year.

Second Position: Himanshu & Sunidhi, BCA, 1st Year.

Best Interjector: Arjun Kumar, MCA,1st year

Overall it was an encouraging event.

To view the event recording, pleaseclick on the below link: