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Students Induction Programme

The purpose of theeducation system is to develop good human beings who should have empathy, creativeimagination and ethical values. At the same time we need to prepare them for productive,fulfilling employment.

We need to work with thenew entrants to make them feel comfortable, help them to explore their academicinterests and make them work for excellence. There should be strong bonding betweenteachers and students.

Institute has theresponsibility not only to create successful engineers of the future, but tocreate well-rounded personalities, who can contribute to the society and arerespectful human being. Also to make them feel comfortable with new environmentand introduce them to Institute culture.

So, when students join anInstitute they are to be oriented to the Institute.

With this objective, ITdepartment JIMS organized Induction programme for                               MCA (2020 – 2022batch).

Induction programme wasorganized for 1 week i.e. from 18-1-2021 to 23-1-2021.            

Session on many careeroptions possible after MCA i.e. moving to corporate , entrepreneurship andacademic were conducted by our alumni Ms. Shreepriya (2009-12, SoftwareEngineer, Bold Technologies, NOIDA), Gunjan Aggarwal our alumni (2008-11 – FreeLancer , Aargun Technologies, Proprietary Business) and Dr. Suman Madan , Dr.Chetna Laroiya.

As a part of healthseries session on CPR (by Dr. G S Popli, Director-Anesthesia,                    Aakash Hospital-Dwarka),effects of smoking (by Dr. Vikas Maurya, HoD and                               Sr. Consultant,Pulmonology, FORTIS-Shalimar Bagh), COVID -19 vaccination(byDr. Anshuman Kumar (Director, Surgical Oncology, DharamshilaHospital, Noida), Bird Flu (by Dr. Parineeta, Sr. Consultant, MedicineDepartment, Aakash Hospital, Dwarka Dr. Anshuman ) was organized.

Sessions on Emotional Quotient(by Ms. Mansi Madan), Universal Human Values ( by Ms. Harpreet Rakhre) wasconducted.

Students enjoyed physicalfitness session (conducted by Mr. Sunny Seth)

Students were introducedto the Innovation Cell of the Institute (by Ms. Ankita Chopra) where they canlisten to Founder’s talk.

Motivational workshop(conducted by Prof. S. C. Kapoor) was much appreciated by the students

Students showcasedtheir talent and hobbies.