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Pre-Placement Activity Getting ready: Journey from campus to corporate

JIMS organized preplacement activity for BCAfirst year students on 22nd January, 2021 whichwas conducted by Prof. S.C. Kapoor. Heis presently associated with Third Millennium Business Resource AssociatesPrivate Limited as Executive Director and  has over 45 years of experience at theCorporate, consulting and innovative mix of academics. He is associated withJIMS as a professor and a number of other reputed management institutes forcoaching students, especially with a focus on developing their competency asfuture managers.

 Thesession was a mix of both fun activities and knowledge so that students feelcomfortable in clearing their queries and doubts that they have in their mindsrelated to the course. The session focused on preparing the students to work incorporate as future managers. The students were encouraged to come up withtheir doubts and also made them understand what corporate expect from them. Thegames were designed such that there was full engagement from the student’s sideand they enjoyed a lot. Overall the session was very encouraging and motivatingfor the students. The students were highly enthusiastic and were  happy after the session.