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Webinar on Personal and Organizational Growth through Design Thinking

MDP webinar on ‘Personal and Organizational Growth through Design Thinking’ was organized by JIMS Rohini on 25th March,2021 for the employees of DRDO. The resource persons of the webinar was Dr. Avijit Chakravarti, Associate Professor, JIMS. Globally two distinct trends are emerging in organizational growth and development. First, organizations are gearing up to introduce innovations and adopting a growth strategy that is entrepreneurial and not organic in nature. Second, organizations are adopting a human-centric approach in order to optimize its human resources.

Tools of Design Thinking are being used across organizations, especially in the West, to achieve the above two objectives. Design Thinking, not only helps organizations to innovate and grow, it also brings clarity in terms of value creation. However, transformations take time. Hence, immersion in the process is absolutely necessary. Also, personal value creations must be mapped with organizational value creations, in order to ensure complete ownership of organizational processes from employees.

The idea of this webinar was to introduce Design Thinking as a concept for employees of DRDO so that they can start thinking of introducing transformative practices within their own selves as well as the organization. During this introductory webinar a lot of emphasis was given on value creation which is the soul of any self as well as organizational growth process.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

This introductory session emphasised a lot on value creation and innovation. It was meant to help participants understand the strength of ideas, their uniqueness and the possibilities of putting ideas into action.   

The purpose of the webinar was to introduce certain props in order to make the participants start thinking in a certain direction. The different building blocks in Design Thinking were explained and their subsequent connections with the organization were also discussed. The session was appreciated by all the participants.