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MDP On Managing Self For Leading Others

 A two days MDP was organized by JIMS for the senior staff of Punjab  and Sind Bank on 28th - 29th January,2021. The training program was divided into sessions taken by various resource persons. A two hours session on the topic ‘Etiquettes in Communication’ was conducted by Ms. Harpreet Rakhra on the first day. The session focused on the essentials of business communication. 

The session introduced the relevance of good communication skills through various activities and interesting exercises. The participants were apprised of the difference that good communication makes in interpersonal relations among the staff members and also with the customers. An interesting activity on the relevance of ‘clarity’ in communication was conducted which is extremely vital while giving instructions. Conciseness, Courtesy and Consideration in communication were also explained through various useful and day to day examples in context of customer dealing. There was a quick activity on listening skills too in which three stages of listening were covered. The activities related to the other sub topics like Non-verbal communication and Intonation made the session very engaging. How to leave a strong first impression on others was also talked about. Moving further correct way of writing official Emails was explained in this session and a number of situations were discussed for its practice. Some tips were also shared for the right choice of words  along with a few templates for the  participants .The essential rules of phone etiquettes were also explained to the participants in the end.