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Panel Discussion On Covid 19: Impact Of Second Wave In India On Different Sectors

Jagan Institute of management Studies (JIMS- Rohini) is  organizing an online Event iThink- Panel Discussion on June 8, 2021 for the students wherein the students of BBA I year participated as panelists. The topic of the discussion was “Covid 19: Impact of second wave in India on different sectors". It was student-centered learning platform where the students articulated their thoughts by presenting in front of their peers so as to enhance their speaking ability and confidence.

The objective of this Panel  discussion was to give insights about the impact of the second wave of pandemic on different sectors of Indian economy. The panellists covered the impact of pandemic on SEZs, Exports, IT sector, Education sector, hospitality sector, Financial sector etc.

The panellists’ of the event were Pihu Mahapatra, Mitansh Bhatia, Utkarsh Verma and Udeshya Kathuria. The moderators of the event were Sanya Jolly and Rishabh Goel.

Pihu Mahapatra presented the presentation which was based on the impact of covid second wave on SEZs and Unemployment rate. She showed the positive impact of covid on their working as now the Government realised the potential of the SEZs and now they're playing more attention towards them in order to increase the foreign direct investment. On the other hand, She also highlighted the employment sector in our country which had faced the negative impact as it rises upto 17% which is the highest till now. Also, millions of people lost their jobs and that leads to the rise in jobless and stagnant growth of the country.

Mitansh Bhatia presented with the areas to focus as Education sector and Information Technology sector , starting with the education sector , he  clarified the basic facts about Indian education system .He talked about what has changed in education system before and post covid. He discussed the positive impacts which included Rise in blended learning, worldwide exposure, etc and shared a story of a student from Amity University .Then he moved to issues, where he discussed the various problems and challenges faced by rural population, closure of schools, other negative impacts were sluggish cross border movements, passive learning students, changing format of recruiting students, delays in all the major exams and the cancellation of board exams. Lastly, he discussed the potential solutions to these issues. He pointed out some upcoming opportunities for tech sector i.e. Telehealth industry, growing need of 5th generation technology.

Utkarsh Verma highlighted the impact of 2nd wave of corona virus on the sectors of Finance and Health. He showed that how the insurance sector has been severely impact by the 2nd wave and the challenges it faced. The impact on various sectors of business were also highlighted. He threw the light on the conditions of bank after the 2nd wave. He covered the key areas like Stock market, FPIs Investment and Foreign Direct investment. He picked up the health sectors and presented the data to give a fair comparison between the 1st and the 2nd wave and their associated impacts. He laid stress on the transmission rates, children infections and severity of the infections in adults. Present data of positive cases and Vaccination push were also highlighted.

Udeshya Kathuria presented on the topic manufacturing and hospitality. He discussed how the global spread of COVID-19 caused multiple countries to impose lockdown, isolation periods and closure of all non-essential businesses, thereby creating a storm exposing businesses and economies to various challenges. He further highlighted how from remote working arrangements, laying off employees and disruption in operations the pandemic has  forced businesses around the globe to step back and revamp their strategies to adjust to the new normal. 

The event was followed up by Q&A Session. The questions raised by the audience were successfully answered by the young panelist.