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JIMS Rohini Economic Club E-360 organised a workshop on Case Study for BA-Eco Hons Students

The Economic Club E-360 organised a workshop on Case Study from 2nd June 2021 to 4th June 2021. Students of BBA 2nd Year and BA-Eco Hons 1st Year were part of the explicative programme. 

The event started with the felicitation of the guest speaker, Mr. Aditya Saini, Founder and CEO of Rozgaarlo. Thereafter, the participants were enlightened with the objectives and goals of the workshop and the session was handed over to Mr. Aditya Saini. He reflected his profound knowledge on “Why and how are case studies made”. A glorified demonstration on how to develop a case study and to read any case study in less than 5 minutes impelled the engrossed participants. The first session was ended with an engaging doubt session. 

The second day learning topic was “Copywriting basics”. Mr. Saini gloriously explained it to the participants and exhibited some famous case studies and what makes them so great. The second day programme also ended with a QnA round.

The last day session was on 4th June 2021. For the last day Mr. Aditya prepared some fun live activities which made participants really engrossed in the session. At last he enlightened participants with the “concepts of sell or be sold”. Afterwards he explained everything about being a great communicator. The informative workshop ended with a vote of thanks proposed by the club coordinators.