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Interactive Session on Motivation

Session: Motivation on 13th February, 2014
At: Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector-5, Rohini
Speaker: Prof. S.C. Kapoor, Faculty, JIMS

To make students realize the importance of motivation and commitment towards the goal; an inspiring session was delivered by Mr. S.C. Kapoor. He further added always seek a problem as a challenge and convert it into your opportunity.

Prof. S.C. Kapoor started the session with a famous quote of Mahatama Gandhi "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it".

He connected the thought with students by saying become a successful individual before you become a successful professional and further emphasized, to attain success, you need to understand the complexities of different roles played by you in your life and then thrive to maintain a balance between the different roles played and the SUCCESS is YOURS.

Mr. Kapoor enthralled the students with some motivational and inspirational video on the working conditions of a soldier, which concluded with  a message "achieve success by working harder than anybody else, sacrificing more than you're capable of and persevering through constant failure."

Further he explained the functions of HR in an organisation and how employees individually can contribute to attain the organisational goals.
The session concluded with an oath that "all of us will do what we enjoy but will not compensate our work for that,we will work diligently to achieve our goals."