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JIMS Incubation Centre (JIC)

About Incubation Centre

Incubation Centre (also known as Startup accelerators) hold significant importance in a country like India where entrepreneurs are launching new setups and changing the game of business by minutes. For the uninitiated, Startup incubation programs or Incubation Centres provide support functions, mentorship and resources to individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial setups.

This enables them to get all the expert advice and technical guidance that they need to survive for a longer time, unlike most other entrepreneurial ventures that fizzle out within a few months of their launch.

Almost every other prestigious B-school today houses an incubation centre so that great ideas can be nurtured from their very source.

About JIC

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky

We are looking for young budding entrepreneurs who are willing to have their own start-ups.


Each year we are looking forward to finance 2 or 3 projects.

Our team would not only help you analyse the success of your project but would also guide you through pros and cons and possibilities of the feasibility of the project.

We will have our experts working with you as a team to keep the operation as transparent as we can.

As a participants we would first require a blue print of your project and the Blueprint Rules would be as follows :

  • Do your research: Type of Business & Industry
  • Introduce yourself and your company: Introduce yourself & your company
  • Recite your mission statement
  • Introduce your management team
  • Describe how much capital you need and what you will do with it
  • Ask the VC (Venture Capitalist) or group if there are any questions that you can answer
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Once the blueprint gets approved)