Tarkash is an Entrepreneurship Cell in JIMS, which aims to instill entrepreneurial mindsets in the students as well as to encourage them to develop and showcase their business ideas. Considering that present generation is highly creative, has risk taking abilities and has got lots of exposure, they just need to identify and channelize their ideas in the right direction. Under Tarkash, students from across different course programs, organize activities and events to create awareness on the Start-Up ecosystem, encourage business ideas and motivate students towards entrepreneurship



Our vision is to develop, enhance, and carve out the inner entrepreneurial potentials of the students by way of providing them an opportunity to present their views in front of TARKASH.


TARKASH aims to convert feasible ideas into actual business propositions which will not only add value to individual but will also benefit the nation as a whole.


The E-cell aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the JIMS students, both at undergraduate as well as post graduate level, and provide them with the vital support system to set up new ventures.

The Team :

Student Coordinators - Tarkash (E-Cell club) 2017-18

  1. Vidit Chawla - Email: imviditchawla@gmail.com - Mob: +91-8445489543
  2. Pawanjot Singh - Email: Pawanjotsaini@gmail.com - Mob: +91-9953281472
  3. Diksha Madaan - Email: dmadaan5@gmail.com - Mob: +91-9582473073
  4. Kunal Dua - Email: kunaldua94@gmail.com - Mob: +91-9999351713
  5. Vivek Chandran - Email: Vchndrn@gmail.com - Mob: +91-9711768566
  6. Aashi Jain - Email: aashijain35@gmail.com - Mob: +91-9999490218
  7. Vikas Yadav - Email: vy1235@gmail.com - Mob: +91-9205268078

Faculty Co-ordinator
  • Dr. Sumesh Raizada