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Shahnaz Hussain – The Famous Business Entrepreneur

Indian born beautician Shahnaz Hussain is now a household name not only in India but also abroad. She is an undisputed expert in Herbal care in India. Shanaz Hussain is a pioneer as well as the undisputed expert of Herbal care in India. Born in India, thirty four years ago Shahnaz Hussain only dreamt of pioneering the Indian herbal heritage and Ayurveda but today she has surpassed the Indian boundaries and is recognized internationally for the best in quality and entrepreneurship. Today, she heads an organization that is the largest of its kind in the world, with an integrated system of an international salon chain, supported by product ranges. Shahnaz belongs to a royal family, who originally came from Samarkhand and later held prominent positions in the royal governments of Bhopal and Hyderabad, during the pre-independence days. She grew up in a traditional family, but was privileged to receive modern education. She got married, when she was only fifteen years old and the next year after her marriage, she became a mother. Shahnaz Hussain took an extensive training in cosmetic therapy for 10 long years from the leading institutions of London, Paris, New York and Copenhagen after her marriage. She returned to India in the year 1977 and established her first beauty salon. Unlike other salons, she did not use chemical cosmetics but made use of Ayurvedic products that are absolutely safe on the human body. The products launched by her Company head their way to leading global stores such as Blooming Dales (New York), Harrods and Selfridges (London), Seibu (Japan), Galleries Lafayette (Paris), and La Rinaeccente (Milan).

Her company Shahnaz Hussain Herbals has witnessed tremendous growth in the past years. She has launched more than 400 different kinds of beauty products. In the contemporary times, people are becoming more and more conscious about the way they look. It is here that Shahnaz Hussain comes to play a major role by providing people with products that can bring the glow back to their skin.

Shahnaz became the first and only woman in 107 years to receive the World's Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from Success magazine of the USA. The Shahnaz Husain Group has also received several international awards for Quality, including the Global Quality Management Award for Quality Excellence and Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur 2002, in London. In September 2003, Shahnaz was selected for the prestigious Global Indian "Woman of the Millenium" Award, presented by Global Indian Congress, based in California, USA.