E Cell

Live project

Aimed at providing a support system to budding student entrepreneurs, E cell act as a facilitator for those who want to start their own venture by providing them live projects.

The support will be in the form of providing guidance, information and the opportunity to work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and non government organizations (NGOs). Since its inception, E cell is involved in providing holistic consulting and research services to SMEs and NGOs.

Students are given opportunities to work on live projects which give them ground exposure to market research, product promotion activities, new launches, venture creation and strategic planning. In return, the corporate benefit from a fresh perspective, a different outlook to the project assigned to the students and a chance to gauge the student quality & capabilities. Live projects offer students the scope to learn setting a business & its practice in today’s time.

The students at JIMS are in a constant endeavor to make a difference to society and tread on the path leading to inclusive growth by undertaking some of the aspects:

  • Development projects –SME Project opportunities and NGO Management
  • Formation of companies and setting up venture for small level entrepreneurs
  • Microfinance and Fund raising
  • Difference between Corporate Management and SME Management
  • Application of Management theories, special skills required by MBA students to handle development projects

Why students should attend these projects:

Active participation in these projects has equipped our students with a heterogeneous form of theoretical and practical insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship which has propelled them towards considering it as a viable career option. The project will act as a platform where students can perform networking, leveraging & develop connect with the right people. Through live projects, students will be able to channelize their ideas in the right direction by working with experienced entrepreneurs and take it to the next level by out-growing it into a business idea.