E Cell

Online Consulting & Mentorship

Developing a thought and transforming it into a business idea and venture with the help of right consultation and mentorship is one of the focus areas of Entrepreneurship Cell.

Online Consultation & Mentorship is a valuable asset to higher education institutions in creating a collaborative and a learning environment for the online campus. E cell provides such knowledge and resources that are required in building budding young entrepreneurs and ensuring their long-term success.

E cell consulting services help in advising individuals on how to maximize & utilize the function of Online Consultation & Mentorship to meet their business objectives. E cell offers its students a consulting package which consists of open consulting hours.

E cell Mentorship affords individuals access to a well defined network of consultants, corporate persons etc. It provides general mentorship and consulting support, answers questions, helps them to execute on development and configure tasks of new venture formation, performs research and refers documentation as requested. Mentors assist in knowledge transfer to grow to an individual’s expertise in the area of Entrepreneurship development

The Entrepreneurship cell at JIMS has an online incubation centre, which facilitates interaction between students with business ideas and industry stalwarts who can help students with development and implementation of ideas in to a business venture. Any student of JIMS (past or present) can join the portal as mentee and resolve their query from the consultants belonging to academics and industry. Students can also mail queries to any of their mentor at their respective mail id and can get a quick response within next 48 hours.

Today’s Consultant are: