Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business

Program Information

Businesses are expanding by leaps and bounds. They are becoming international in scope and want to leverage on their domestic expertise in international markets. This has led to an expanding academic field and job prospects which are exciting and varied. JIMS provides academic orientation of understanding different markets and regulatory regimes, geopolitics and global supply chains. We also impart them the intangible skills to equip them with to combat in turbulent times.

Course Objectives

  • To understand how international factors affect domestic concerns
  • To study regional economic integration and economic and political integration
  • To provide insights on institutions that shape the global marketplace
  • To study the process of businesses expansion abroad
  • To explore legal issues related to businesses operating in other countries

Course Content 

PGDM IB specialization at JIMS Rohini aims to instil a business-oriented approach in students and introduces them to relevant courses on the following-


Apart from the conceptual understanding, at JIMS students also participate in a number of live projects given by various professors, where they can apply their knowledge in a more practical way. The pedagogy includes case studies, class discussions and activities, lectures, quizzes, simulations and includes real market assignments to achieve a holistic understanding of the subject.

Career Opportunities

  • International investment advisor
  • Foreign sales representative
  • International management consultant
  • Import/Export agent
  • Generalist roles – marketing, finance, banking