PGDM in Retail Management Programme Overview

The PGDM(RM) with specialization in e-commerce focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage an e-commerce business. This program is designed to help students gain an understanding of e-commerce strategies, customer service management, data analysis techniques, digital marketing strategies, project management principles and more. 

This program provides invaluable insights into the ever growing world of e-commerce businesses so that graduates are prepared for success in today's competitive marketplaces.

Students will learn how to develop e-commerce websites as well as optimize their content for search engine rankings. They will also explore topics such as payment systems integration and security measures in order to ensure safe online transactions. PGDM in Retail Management with e-commerce

Take your career to the next level with this PGDM (RM) course at JIMS Rohini Sector-5, our . Expertly crafted curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior, international marketing and more in e-commerce - allowing them to become truly industry ready!

What sets you apart at JIMS Rohini is that:

  • This knowledge will help you gain a competitive edge in corporate communications, merchandising and sales, as well as luxury and lifestyle retail areas. With this specialized skill set you'll find yourself among an elite group of individuals sought after by many corporations.
  • At JIMS ROHINI, the dual major specialization course curriculum is uniquely designed to meet the exacting industry requirements. It offers a comprehensive and stimulating learning experience, allowing students to gain an advantage over others in the competitive corporate world.

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PGDM RM Benefits of Selecting PGDM(RM) with e-commerce

The PGDM/MBA* in Retail Management with e-commerce at JIMS will help you:

  • Gain industry-recognized certification from ICSIL
  • Access a network of skilled professionals for your studies
  • Develop skill sets through our cutting-edge curriculum that is aligned with current trends in the industry
  • Apply what you've learned by participating in exciting experiential learning activities outside of the classroom!
PGDM RM A PGDM with e-commerce Specialization Opens Many Doors

The curriculum focuses on developing key e-commerce competencies such as digital marketing, analytics, product management, customer service strategies, and technology use within e-commerce businesses. It also includes modules related to business strategy, supply chain management and organizational behaviour that can be applied directly to the e-commerce sector. 

Students will learn how to develop effective online retailing strategies that align with current market trends while capitalizing on emerging opportunities for growth. 

With the Dual Specialization (Major) course, you will become equipped with a vast array of skills that can be utilized in countless job opportunities.

1. Logistics Manager

Logistics managers are professionals who specialize in retail management. These professionals use their expertise to effectively manage the supply chain, ensuring that goods and services reach customers on time and at the right cost. 

  • Logistics managers must have an understanding of how different departments within a company work together to ensure efficient operations. 
  • They also need to understand customer needs, inventory levels, order processing systems, transportation costs and other factors that impact supply chain performance. 
2. User Experience Designer

User experience designers are MBA* graduates with a passion for creating digital products that meet customer needs. 

  • They have expertise in retail management, user research and design that enables them to evaluate customer feedback and create intuitive interfaces that add value to the product. 
  • User experience designers are often involved in every stage of development from conception to launch, ensuring each feature works seamlessly and provides an enjoyable user experience.
PGDM RM With Marketing College Is This PGDM/MBA in Retail Management With e-commerce a Good Fit For You?

Are you ready to stand out in the ever-changing and highly competitive Retail industry? 

The PGDM in Retail Management with E-commerce is perfect for students keen on acquiring specialized knowledge that will position them at the forefront of retail success.

Think the PGDM in Retail Management with e-commerce Program is what you’ve been looking for?

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PGDM RM With Marketing College Why Should You Get a PGDM in Retail Management with e-commerce?
  • A Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management with e-commerce specialization is a great way to kick-start your career in the e-commerce industry.
  • This course covers all aspects of e-commerce like marketing, analytics, and operations. 
  • It helps you gain the necessary skills to manage e-commerce platforms and create successful e-commerce strategies.
  • In addition to theoretical learning components of the program, practical experience is gained through internships or projects where students have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills in real life scenarios. 
  • With e-commerce becoming increasingly popular, graduates are well equipped to gain an in-depth understanding of the retail industry and e-commerce operations. From setting up online stores, managing inventory and marketing products through digital channels, graduates can take advantage of this knowledge to start their own e-commerce businesses or offer consulting services on e-commerce strategies. 
  • Further specializing by pursuing an MBA* in e-commerce could open more doors for entrepreneurs as it will enable them to understand the nuances of running a successful business from both a technical and managerial standpoint.
PGDM RM With Marketing College Our recruiters for PGDM in Retail Management with E-commerce:

Our students get recruited by some of the best in the business!

  1. Samsung
  2. ITC
  3. Deloitte
  4. Flipkart 
  5. Zara
  6. Calvin Klein 
  7. Marks&Spencer

 *(PGDM equivalent to MBA by AIU)

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