Case Study

Case Studies
Case Study Student Name Details
Role and Challenges Related to Inland Container Depot (ICD) Anishka Gupta Read More
Enhancing Multi-Refinery Supply Chain Efficiency Prerna Priya Read More
Export Procedure of Rice from India to Russia Ansh Gupta Read More
Trade procedure analysis of Agrochemical exports from India to Russia Nikhil Chacko Read More
Exports of Pharmaceutical Products to Russia Abhigyan Pandey Read More
Enhancing Indian Textile Exports to Sri Lanka: A CITI Case Study Gulab Chhabra Read More
Pricing & Digital Marketing-Related Challenges in the Shipping Industry Anishka Gupta Read More
U.S. Polo Assn.'s Apparel Sourcing from Bangladesh in the Face of Sustainability Pressures and Supply Chain Complexities Gaurav Samuel Singh Read More
Import and Export of Home appliances and electronics Lavit Maheshwari Read More
Managing Supply Chain Disruptions of ABC Print Media’s Imports in India Deepak Kaushik Read More