1. Please tell us about PGDM(IB) course and how it is different from PGDM(General) Course at JIMS?

There is no major difference as far as the placements and course curriculum is concerned.

Course Curriculum :- The subjects in PGDM(General) and PGDM(IB)are common, except that in every trimester IB will have a paper related to IB viz International Trade operations , Trade Logistics, Export and Import Management, Global Business environment etc to provide an extra knowledge and exposure of International Business subjects. However specialization in HR and IT is not available at IB.

Placements:- Students of PGDM(IB) are eligible to apply for all the companies ( except HR specialization positions ) coming for placements in JIMS as we have a common placement activity. IB student have an edge as they will get an additional advantage to apply for IB specific companies besides general companies.

2. By opting PGDM(IB) will I be getting placements only in IB Companies?

No, you are not restricted to IB companies. The placement activity is common activity in the college. When a Company visits the Campus, all the students are allowed to sit in the process as per their specialization as required by the company . So if a Finance Company wants Finance specialization students then from IB and PGDM (Gen) all finance students l will be participating on equal Platform.

3. Whether the placement activities in JIMS are different for PGDM (General) and PGDM(IB)?

No, The placement activities are centralized activity in the college.

4. Which all good companies visited in the past specifically for IB Students only ?
  • Bank Of America
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Federation of Indian Export Organization (Ministry of Commerce)
  • Maersk Logistics
  • FedEx
  • CM Logistics
5. What is the advantage of Joining PGDM(IB) course)?

The advantage is that:-

  • You will be studying additional subjects related to International Business besides various other subjects as being covered in PGDM (General) course .
  • You can appear in the Campus placement of all the companies who are coming in JIMS for IB specifically besides other companies l .
6. Whether my main specialization would be International Business or I can opt for other specializations like Marketing/Finance?

International Business is a Dual Specialization where if you want to opt for

  • Marketing as Major then you will be having Marketing and IB both as Major subjects of your course.
  • Finance Major then you will be having Finance and IB both as Major subjects of you course.
7. Can I take Marketing OR Finance as Major?

Yes , From 4th Trimester onwards student has to pursue either Finance or Marketing as Major.

8. Is there any Scholarship available?

College offers ‘Merit cum performance’ based Scholarship. For more details check the link https://www.jimsindia.org/Scholarships.aspx

9. I want to pursue HR as Major/Minor?

No. IB course curriculum do not offer specialization in HR.